Atmos Forge Vaporizer Review

Finding the perfect wax dabbing vaporizer can seem like a task to further research. Understanding the important impact the Atmos Forge vaporizer applies to when using the best vape pen to vaporize wax shatter. The Atmos Forge is a high quality vape pen kit that has a strong dual coil atomizer made with titanium technology. The Atmos Forge preserves its flavor as you’ll never taste burnt charcoal taste when you’re dabbing with this device. The design has an adjustable air-flow dial on the side which helps increase and decrease the air-flow to get stronger, more powerful pulls. This is the perfect handheld wax vape pen when you’re looking for something simple to always have on hand.

atmos forge vape pen

Atmos Forge Performance
When using the Atmos Forge pen vaporizer, it is a very easy to understand vape pen. The Atmos Forge has the power to vape with high resistance, all the way to the lowest resistance of 1.0 ohms. The Atmos Forge wax vape pen is made out of stainless steel materials. The Forge has 3 dual titanium atomizers that you can use. With each atomizer, you can switch and increase the different viscosity of the materials you’re intending on loading. Turning on the Atmos Forge is very simple, clicking 5 times on the power button powers on/off the Forge vape pen. Using the loading tool, you load your wax botanical on top of the atomizer of your choice. The Atmos Forge comes with splash prevention to avoid accidental spillage.

Atmos Forge Vape Pen Design
The Atmos Forge Vape pen is a very compact and strong vape pen. It is only 6 inches long with .5″ diameter making for the perfect metric to fit inside any pocket of your choice. The Atmos Forge is sleek, stylish and smooth design makes for a comfortable fit inside your pocket. On the lower part of the Forge handle, you can use the dial to switch up the adjustable air-flow dial when you want to increase or decrease the air-flow for bigger, more powerful, yet controlled pulls. The outside of the Forge is made out of stainless steel high-grade metal. Inside is made out of ceramic glass lining so you can taste the pure flavors of your wax botanical. The Atmos Forge attachments are built using titanium metal to give the most durable and lengthy experience. Reading a full best vape pen guide is the most important thing to do before buying any vaporizer.

Atmos Forge Battery
The Atmos Forge battery has always been a big hit with Atmos Fans using the device for hours on end. With 900mAH of battery power, it is adequate to use for an all-day experience providing you with reliable use you can use anywhere you go. The battery design has a grip on the outside along with the adjustable air-flow dial which changes and regulates the air-flow so you can control the power. With a lithium Polymer battery, the Atmos Forge’s battery longevity will last four times as long as its predesccors sice its battery charging will cut off when the Forge is fully charged which cuts off any energy depletion that occurs when you keep your battery attached to the charger all day.

Atmos Forge Vape Pen For Sale
When it comes down to looking for a high-quality pen vaporizer the Atmos Forge is going to be one of the best choices. As it has a stainless-steel outside design with a smooth, sleek finish at only 6 inches long, .5″ in diameter. The Forge is the perfect design and style to use anywhere. The Lithium Polymer 900mAH battery will allow you to use the Forge for long periods of time throughout the day. The best part is being able to control the air-flow with the adjustable air-flow dial so you can get the strongest hits.