Atmos Jump Review

Newest weed pen the Atmos Jump review of the best vape pen is one of the quality cheap herb vape pens. Using anodized convection heating, the Atmos Jump uses a glass-on-glass vapor path with a ceramic heating chamber where your herb will never touch the heating element. The Atmos Jump is built with high quality carbon-fiber material that will give you smooth comfort when you are holding the vape pen in your hand. The vaporizer is easy to use on the go, it uses a 1200mAH battery that will last for hours.

Atmos Jump Design

Atmos Jump vape pen is built with high quality materials, one of the very few vaporizer pens ever made that doesn’t use poly-carbonate plastic, instead it uses carbon-fiber material. The vape pen is only 1.3″ in diameter and 5.4″ tall making it the perfect vape pen to place in your pocket and use on the go anywhere. There’s a power button in the center of the vape pen that you push five times rapidly to turn on. The Atmos Jump design uses anti-scratch resistant coating that will last the lifetime of the vaporizer.

Atmos Jump Battery

Atmos Jump uses a 1200mAH lithium ion battery, it has an external USB port to which it can be charged using a USB charging cord. On a full battery, the Atmos Jump will last for over 5 hours of continuous use without worrying about charging. The LED light will blink red rapidly and shut off indicating you need to charge the battery. The battery comes with Atmos Technologies 5 year warranty plan.


Atmos Jump Features

Atmos Jump weed pen has many high quality features that many wouldn’t know unless you read up on the jump. The heating system is andozied convection heating, meaning the hot air will force up from direct inhalation to vaporize the botanical on your herb. The vapor path is made out of ceramic glass as it gives you the full on glass-on-glass vaping quality so you will never inhale any carcinogens or experience an unpleasant taste. You can fill .4 grams of herbs inside the herbal chamber and you would want to fully grind the herb to prevent hot spots from occurring. If you fill the chamber to the brim with your favorite herb, you will want to stir the herbal chamber after a few pulls to ensure you vaporize the herbs evenly to prevent hot spots.

Using The Atmos Jump

The Atmos Jump Vaporizer is one of the easiest vape pens to use. Simply click the power button 5 times rapidly to turn on and unlock the heating chamber. Once it is turned on, press and hold the power button to pull out vapor as the heating chamber heats up instantly so there is no wait time. You take off the rubber mouthpiece, insert your herb, and press/hold the power button to function the vaporizer. There is a 10 second auto-lock feature which simply prevents the vape pen from turning on inside your pocket to preserve battery life.

Buying The Atmos Jump

If you want a high quality herbal vape pen like the Atmos Jump, you will want to purchase this vaporizer as it is only $59, which is a good investment. It also comes with a 5 year warranty. Breaking down all the facts with this vape pen, it has everything you need. With the 1200mAH lithium ion battery, you will know you have a dependable battery to power on and take anywhere you go since it is small enough to fit inside your pocket. The smooth, sleek, compact, anti-scratch design is made to protect the vaporizer as well as being a comfortable vape pen to handle any time you want to use the Atmos Jump Vaporizer pen