Buying Best Cheap Box Mods For Sale

running box mod vaping ecig battery mod with ejuice bottle. render
running box mod vaping ecig battery mod with ejuice bottle. render

When it comes down to buying cheap box mods for sale online, looking for the right technology is very important. Box mods are supercharged batteries that have tremendous features compared to a standard vaporizer battery. Box mods have a higher output of milliamps  making them powerful with adjustable voltage settings and wattage controls. This gives you all the control you need to have the most experience vaping sessions no matter what type of material you want to use. The typical vaper will use wax, oils, concentrate to put on top of their rebuildable atomizer, coils or tanks. People also buy cheap box mods online to fill their e-juice inside the top mod (top tank). When using e-juice box mods the maximum amount of wattage you need is 20-35 watts. Any higher will give out a nasty taste. Most box mod kits are set up to reach over 200+ watts which can create some outrageous dabbing experiences.

Buying the Right Box Mod For Sale

coil replacement tank for a box mod kit
coil atomizer replacement parts for tank or subtank vaporizer or e-cigarette. useful for vaping enthusiasts.

When your going to buy the right box mods for sale online all you need to think about to start off is the material you are going to be vaping. This will give you an idea of the specifications you will need for your box mod. If it is a coil box mod for wax dabbing your going to need a rebuildable atomizer that uses a titanium quartz coil to reach temperatures of over 1000 degrees. These powerful box mods are essentially portable e-rigs.

top tank - rebuildable dripping atomizer in vape clouds. 3d render
top tank – rebuildable dripping atomizer in vape clouds. 3d render

Most of the time people are have no clue what a box mod is. Since Box mods are heavily marketed to e-juice vaping these are generally what people buy them for. Box mods are a much powerful tool to be used with any type of material. The advanced vapers use it to dab their wax/concentrate to create a custom vaping session. But if your looking for e-juice box mods you will want to buy a box mod kit with a nice top mod tank to go with the powerful battery. For beginners this is recommended. If you buy a box mod to powerful for the top tank it will blow the coil and destroy it permanently. To avoid this, simply buy a kit.

Buying The Best Box Mods

vape cloud for a rebuildable coil for box mod
vaporizers vape cloud – close up

If you really want to buy the best box mods to use for advanced vaping, your going to spend over $100 on a full kit. You can customize the kits with different coils to test the waters with the ohms and create huge vapor clouds seen at vaping competitions. The lower the ohms the larger the cloud, but less throat hit. To offset this you would use a high PG ratio of 70PG/30VG . PG hits the throat and lung hard and is thicker while VG is thin and creates large clouds. OLED screen on the Box mod is important if you want the best box mods for sale. With this technology you can see the current temperature, current battery level indicator, vaping time, wattage and voltage settings and ohms levels. When you have a device to read all this out you know you have a quality box mod kit. It takes money to get the best box mods. You can buy many cheap box mod kit online or learn about buying a vape pen for beginners