Vaporite Platinum Plus Vaporizer Review

If there’s any type of online vaporizer out there that ranks to be one of the best, it is called the Vaporite Platinum Plus. It is a really high quality vaporizer that uses intelligent technology to give you all the results you need to have the best possible vaping experience. This is a unique computer-vape-pen that uses a microprocessor to power the vape pen and remotely control it via bluetooth settings. You use your Smartphone to be able to control what type of settings you want to use.

Design Of The Vaporite Platinum Plus
The vaporizer is made out of high-quality anodized aluminum alloy materials. It is a lightweight vape pen. Inside for the chamber it is all ceramic glass and has a glass-on-glass vaping path making this one of the top rated vape pens in the world to own. The thick pyrex glass mouthpiece ensures you get the most pure results when vaping. It has dimensions of 2.25 x 4.25 x 7.25 in in making it small enough to fit right inside your pocket for easy travel. The Vaporite Platinum Plus only weighs 3 ounces as it is lightweight and comfortable to fit inside your pocket. The battery is made of carbon fiber adding to making it a lighter device.

Vaporite Platinum Plus Smart Vaporizer of 2017
Having so many features with a unique vaporizer like the Vaporite Platinum Plus offer, you can’t find this device anywhere. It is the very first vape pen to have a variable wattage control with 40 watt maximum output making it a very strong vaporizer for you to dab your waxes with. Its temperature control system is made into 3 levels: Light Blue (365°F), Yellow (420°F) and Purple (440°F). With the Bluetooth feature, you can set your own custom profile as the system will remember the best possible settings. Its haptic feedback can also tell what type of material is loaded inside the chamber. It will also monitor the amount of puffs you’ve taken. You can also set a timer on how long you want to vape for and gradually increase the temperature automatically as you vape the material and the botanical disapates subject to higher heat settings.

Vaporite Platinum Plus Heating, Battery & Poweratomizers for the vaporite platinum plus
The carbon fiber battery uses SubXero technology with 2200mAH of energy, it is a battery that can be charged while in-use, with pass-through charging. The battery features a .5 ohms – 3.0 ohms allowing you to use advanced top tanks that are off-branded to further power your vaping experience as the smart technology can utilize many Top modulators and tanks. The heating system is induction heating which is an advanced state of heating similar to a glass-top stove-top. This evenly vaped my material regardless of the type of botanical I used. Smart technology also allows you to set your temperature using many different incremental settings from 365°F to 440°F. There’s three different settings for the wattage settings as 20 Watt usage with Dark Blue LED lighting, 30 Watts Green LED lighting, 40 Watt Performance Red LED lighting.

atomizers for the vaporite platinum plus

Different Ways To Use The Vaporite Platinum Plus
Testing and reviewing this vape pen was a work-of-art. There were so many features to browse through that it literally took over an hour to be able to use everything. At-first, it will be a challenge to remember all the different features which is why it is great the APP has a built-in guide when you first sign up to the Vaporite Application once you download the Vaporite app to be able to remotely connect your device.

Using the Vaporite Platinum Plus wax dabbing
This method was probably my favorite. I used the loading tool to set the wax material on top of the atomizer and powered the Platinum Plus. Using my Galaxy S7, I scrolled over to change the wattage to 30 watt performance which is perfect if you want to get some clean rips dabbing your wax botanical. I loaded about .3 grams of shatter and instantly, resulted in pure vapor. I got about 7 powerful pulls before I switched the atomizer to the herbal attachment.

Using The Vaporite Platinum Plus with Dry Material
Using the herbal blend, I loaded straight into the herbal chamber. I noticed the app indicated the weight of the materials I was loading in which is an amazing feature. I only filled the chamber a quarter of the way adding 250mg or .25g within the herbal chamber. Using the Fahrenheit settings, I put it on the gradual heat increase mode. This made everything perfect since my 7 pulls were perfect to start at light pulls to heavier pulls.

Using The Vaporite Platinum Plus With the TopTank
The Top-Tank uses high quality materials and has multiple adjustable air-flow controls allowing me to be able to adjust the power of each pull I wanted to complete. The vape pen comes with extra BVC coils. The BVC coils use high-quality organic Japanese cotton wicks which are covered with the titanium coil to ensure the wicks last a lifetime. I tested the limits of the Vaporite Platinum Plus when I maxed it out at 40 watts resulting in ultra-thick vapor pulls.

Vaporite Platinum Plus
  • 89%
    Technology - 89%
  • 91%
    Versitility - 91%
  • 92%
    Portability - 92%
  • 92%
    Ease of Use - 92%
  • 87%
    Flavor - 87%
  • 92%
    Battery - 92%


Vaporite platinum plus vaporizer pen is the best vaporizer reviewed that uses bluetooth technology to vaporize your favorite dry herb vaping transforming into a wax dad dabbing vape pen for sale.