Vaporite Platinum Plus Vaporizer

The Vaporite Platinum Plus is a really high quality portable vaporizer for you to buy. When it comes to running a high quality device, you’d want it to be the vaporite Platinum Plus so you can get the best vaporization possible. The Vaporite Platinum Plus is a vaporizer that has all the best features for a pen vaporizer that has all the best vaping quality you can get. With a Microprocessor chip, it is able to give you advanced projections and facts on exactly the specific types of vaping that it will give you if you understand the importance of having a high quality vaporizer. This is considered a smart vaporizer so you will be able to monitor the specific types of vaporization that a high quality vaporizer like this will give you so you can understand the quality of what you’re using.

Power Of The Vaporite Platinum Plus
Some big benefits of the Platinum Plus is that is is a vaporizer that has a 3 in 1 system to where you can get to be able to vaporize your oils, waxes and herbs. The auto-tank detection on the Platinum plus will let you know how much pulls you’ve beem using for the vaporizer. The Sub-Ohm battery has good resistance of .5 ohms to 3.0ohms. Using a variable voltage output, you’d be able to set the specific wattage as well as the volts for you to better excel the experience to get the highest quality vapign depending on the specific viscosity your materials are used with.

With the Bluetooth technology you can measure all the different types of technology within the vaporizer. You get the liquid volume counter so you know how many pulls you have left. With the herbal chamber you get the puff counter and the waxes you can set the different variable voltage settings to better give you a good dabbing session so you can get the biggest and thickest puffs when you’re using the Vaporite Platinum plus.

3 Different Atomizers For The Vaporite Platinum Plus
When you use the Vaporite Platinum Plus, you will know that there are 3 different ways you can use this vaporizer so you get the best possible experience depending on the type of substance you’re using. There’s an herbal chamber, an oil chamber, and atomizer for waxes. Each part uses the Blue-tooth technology to your advantage.

Herbal Chamber For The Vaporite Platinum Plus
With the herbal chamber inside the Vaporite Platinum plus, you will understand that there are many good things about it. When you use the Bluetooth setting, remotely syncing to get the information of how many puffs you’ve taken will give you an estimate of how many times you’d actually. Inside of the herbal chamber you’ll see it is surrounded by high quality ceramic glass materials. This is the best, you’ll get the highest quality vaporization without any nasty carcinogens making you able to taste purity and highly potent botanical.

Wax Chamber For Platinum Plus
The Vaporite Platinum Plus has another attachment to where you will be able to get the most potency while using one of their dabbing units which is a Quartz Screw Atomizer that will never leave any unused botanical. Quartz materials prevents unwanted hot spots so you be able to get a good dabbing experinece when you want to have a high quality dabbing sesison.

Oil Tank for Platinum Plus
The Oil tank is one of the greatest things to be able to have when you can look at your gauge and see that there’s a special amount of liquid within your atomizer tanks. The Vaporite Platinum Plus is one the smartest vape pens in the world. It is a vaporizer that will give you the best possible vaporizer The oil tank is called the top tank and it is a vaporizer atomizer that will detect the amount of specific e-juice or concentrates that will allow you to know how much juice is left using the micro-processor so you know how much you have left.

When it comes down to owning a popular vapor pen, the Vaporite Platinum Plus is one of the smartest and best vape pens in the world you can possibly buy. With smart phone technology when you can use your blue-tooth device that will remotely connect to the vaporizer. The Vaporite Platinum plus vape pen is one of the most advanced vaporizers in world today today with its intuitive technology which makws it a milestone in the industry best smart vaporizers to remotely control off smart phone device. Buying a new vapor pen like the Plus is going to be your option if you want the best 3 in one option