Davinci IQ Vaporizer

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$289.99 $274.00


1x 3500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery
1x Micro USB Cable
1x Flavor Chamber
1x 10mm Water adapter
2x Davinci Tool
1x Davinci Key Chain
1x Cleaning Kit
10 Year Warranty

Pure Vapor
Flavor Chamber
Ceramic Glass Oven
Material Capacity: 1500ml
Compatible With Herbs
Smart Technology
Quantum Micro-Motherboard Chip
Retention Technology Sensitivity
Advanced Purity Filtration
Removable 18650 Lithium-ion Battery
4 Smart Path Temperature Settings
App Enabled (Blue-tooth)
Temperature Control Settings 250-430° F
51 LED Lighting Display
Zirconia Mouthpiece
Zirconia Air Path Infuser
Pure Ceramic Glass Vapor Path
Lightweight Parts & Construction


The Davinci IQ portable vaporizer is one of the greatest smart vaporizers in the world. If you want to buy the Davinci IQ, you can buy it online to get the best possible vaporization sessions in the world. This is an impressive vaporizer that can give you the best vaping quality with all the smart technology inside the Davinci IQ vaporizer. This is a dry herb vaporizer that will give you the best possible vaping experience any time you want a high-quality vaporizer.

Understanding Greatness Of The Davinci IQ

With over 51 LED lights that display the temperature in a unique way, this is the pulse of the vaporizer and will indicate in numbers and colors exactly what the vaporizer is doing. With blue-tooth technology, you can read all the different metrics to put the IQ at the most optimal vaporization settings using the Bluetooth app that you download to your smartphone where you can remotely control the vaporizer through your smartphone. This is what greatness gives you when you have such a great vaporizer behind you that you can get the best vaping quality.

The Amazing IQ Design For Battery

When you buy a high-quality portable vaporizer, you expect it to have the technology you need to have a high-quality vaporizer being able to do anything you need for such a great vaporizer. The Davinci is very light-weight as it weighs less than 5 ounces which will make it for a comfortable fit inside your pocket especially since it has dimensions of; 1.65″ W x 3.54″ H x 0.94″ D. This is smaller than many cell phones as it will fit inside the smallest pockets making it easy to travel anywhere. Anodized aluminum metal, the Davinci IQ is a vaporizer built out of quality and light weight. Blue, Black, Copper, & Silver this vaporizer looks similar to your modern Galaxy phone and has all the functions that you need to use this vaporizer correctly. With the outside feature, the one that sticks out the most is the 51 bulb LED lighting system.

Davinci IQ Smart Vaporization

Taking advantage of the smart capabilities is important for you to get the best possible vaporization. Using 4 different pre-set temperature control settings, the IQ is capable of expanding to any type of herbal material out there to give you an amazing vaping standard. You can use the smart app from Davinci to precisely set the temperature for you to get the optimal heating you need to clearly vaporize your herbal products.

Davinci IQ Interface

Davinci IQ Interface
Davinci IQ Interface

There’s plenty of features the Davinci IQ app has which includes a puff counter and 4 different vapor path modes to adjust to the certain viscosity for you to get an amazing vaping standard. The Davinci app has all the metrics you need as it can detect the exact weight stuffed inside the removable herbal chamber. Setting a specific and precise heating setting beyond the 4 pre-set temperatures is also possible to do. There’s a lever called “Smart Path Technology”, this allows you to be able to change the different airflow adjustments as well as heating temperatures and the core temperature since there’s always a way you can get the most optimal vaporization setting with this. With the Davinci APP, you can research past history, temperature settings, vaping time.

Battery With Quick Charging For The IQ

The Davinci IQ is one of the best vaporizers in the world to buy when it comes dow to buying a high-quality vaporizer. This is the best vaporizer for herbs as you know that get a quality vaporization like the Davinci IQ portable herbal vaporizer. This unit features over 51 different LED lights. You can get an amazing vaping experience so you can understand everything the IQ is possible of doing. If you know and understand behind it the Davinci IQ will give you all the benefits to vaping that you would want in a good, quality vaporizer.

When it comes to using one of the best portable vaporizers in the world. I’m at least interacting with the vaporizer once you put commands within its motherboard system using the wireless remote app to power on the function. The Davinci IQ portable vaporizer uses a smart system that not only controls your functions but will obey your commands once you have a specific setting on it.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jessica Mavrakos

    Best vaporizer i have ever owned. I recommend the bestvapepenguide for buying the Davinci iq vaporizer.
    Fast shipping, Good price, great custmer service

  2. Rated 2 out of 5


    It is always imrportant to find the perfect online store to buy a high end vaporizer like the Davinci IQ, has it all nailed down.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    When I bought this vaporizer, the Davinci IQ vaporizer, I knew it was the best vaporizerr i’ve ever bought. Thanks to this guide, I’ve made my purchase.

  4. Rated 3 out of 5


    the Davinci IQ is one of the best portable vaporizers ever made.

  5. Rated 1 out of 5


    I love all the bluetooth features from the Davinci IQ vaporizer, it is the reason why I knew this vaporizer would easily become the best vaporizer to buy something. I went online and found the store which is where this site helped me buy the Davinci IQ Vaporizer.

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