UWell Crown Sub Ohm Tank


What’s in the box:

2  Replacement Coils
1 Replacement glass cylinder
1 User Manual
1 PACK Replacement O-Rings

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We carry the ultimate sub-ohm tanks for anyone trying to set the vaping game up with higher vapor clouds using less ohms. Sub-ohm tanks make it easy for all the e-juice to filter through to the coil to be able to get really strong rips and the ultimate vaping experience with 100% satisfaction. The UWell Crown Sub Ohm tank comes with a few features that not many people would know prior to look at it, it looks well built and compact, can even withstand accidental drops.

Design Of The Uwell Crown Sub Ohm Tank

This vaporizer tank top, a sub ohm mod is designed to be used with your favorite box mod which is a powerful battery that will last for days and can even act as a portable charger as typically the batteries are usually removable 18650 AA batteries that will give you the most power vaping pulls. Depending on the specific watt you find for your box mod, there are many things you can use those powerful temperature settings with. When it comes down to getting a rebuildable atomizer like the UWell Crown Sub ohm atomizer you will be able to take parts apart and attach new coils to the vaporizer tank to be able to maintain it to optimal perforance depending how long you keep the coils going.  Coils are really inexpensive and act as the base to place the e-juice within the tank so you get the best performance.  Most atomizers have a screen covering the coil. this one has a titanium screen which will never overburn if you are maxing out the settings. This is the best Sub ohm battery to buy out of any other vape pen tank top in the world.

Overall On UWell Crown Sub Ohm Tank

The tank isn’t the best quality tank, although it is built with stainless steel, it will perform the best. It is made out of pyrex glass to support an accidental drop.  The uWell package comes with two different replaceable coils which always come in handy. These coils are built out of stainless steel within Japanese cotton wicks that embed within the sides of each coil, making it dual coils. This is a high quality sub-ohm battery that will surely enhance the vaporization experience for anyone wanting to get the best possible vaporization experience.


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