So many flavours of Elf Bars!

o many flavours of Elf Bar!

There are so many flavours of Elf Bars that its not wonder why its so popular!

o many flavours of Elf Bar!
flavours of elf bars


It’s a simple but effective idea. Disposable vapes that actually taste good!

I was sceptical when I first tried Elf bar and thought it was another fad way to cash in on the vape industry but reluctantly bought one to see what all the fuss was about.

I was so surprised at the flavours of Elf bars and how many choices there were! I found it all a bit overwhelming but finally settles on a flavour I liked. I went for Blue Razz Lemonade as it sounded fun!

My Elf Bar arrived a couple of days later and the first thing I liked was the way it was shaped.

Its so hard to get your head around smoking anything other than cigarettes when you have been smoking as long as I have but I really liked the design of the Elf bar and it did’nt feel uncomfortable to use at all. Next it was time to try it out.

I had heard a lot of hype about the flavours of elf bars so in my opinion they had a lot to live up to,

Well I was’nt disappointed! It taste sooooooooo good! Full of flavour and also gives you that satisfying hit. It also gives out a lot of vapour which I like as I like to actually physically see the smoke.

They do many flavours of elf bars but they also do traditional tobacco flavours for those not ready to experiment just yet, which are just as good!

I have to say, due to the range of flavours of elf bars, the connivance and the feel of them, I genially think this is something I could use to replace smoking, and I am going to work my way through all the flavours of elf bars when I do!!

You can get your hands on an elf bar here –